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Introducing Doom Metal Drum Loops with the Release of Double Bass Mania V

Double Bass Mania V - Doom, stoner, sludge metal drums.

How about some DOOM METAL? Had enough of the flaccid metal samples from other companies? Over promising and under delivering with 200 loops (and still with the nerve of charging $50)? They talk a good game, but don’t bring the serious power and groove to the table. That’s why Beta Monkey has the been the…

Introducing Double Bass Mania VI, Triplets of Doom. The Ultimate in Doom Metal Drum Loops

Double Bass Mania VI: Triplets of Doom Metal

Designed for Doom Metal, from classic Sabbath to modern sludge metal, Double Bass Mania VI is here to inspire the heaviest of heavy. Double Bass Mania VI Triplets of Doom Metal will inspire you with heavy, ultra-slow and spacious doom metal drum loops, a thunderous rhythmic backbone for your nastiest and sludgiest riffs. Single kick,…