Beta Monkey Releases Drum Werks IX: Rock Drum Loops for Classic and Modern Rock!


Beta Monkey Releases Drum Werks IX: Power Rock Drum Grooves Collection!
Drum Werks IX: Rock Drum Loops

Beta Monkey Music proudly releases Drum Werks Volume IX, a powerful collection of rock drum loops. As the newest addition to Beta Monkey’s versatile Drum Werks line of loops and samples, Drum Werks IX offers hundred of versatile rock beats and grooves from moody 60 BPM vibes through power rock stomping at 90 BPM.

The Drum Werks IX Power Rock Drum Loops collection is a complete groove sample package for all rock musicians looking to write powerful rock tracks in the slower tempos. A versatile and focused collection of powerful rock drums from end to end.

A Quick and Easy Way to Create Slamming Rock Drum Tracks

This collection of sampled grooves has a powerful rock mix with deep, in-the-pocket grooves. The fills are slamming, whether you need just a quick transitional fill between verse and chorus or perhaps an extended drum outro. Simply put, you have all the parts you need to create a full-on rocking drum track easily and quickly. It’s as simple as previewing the parts you need and arranging them in your DAW of choice. We couldn’t make it any easier to create a great, live drum track for any style of rock. Of course, your ears will have the final say. But, if you check the rocking video below that features the loops from Drum Werks IX, we think you’re going to like what you hear.

For anyone writing rock and related rock genres, Beta Monkey’s Drum Werks Volume IX: Power Rock will inspire your music with a riff-hungry collection of powerful acoustic drum grooves. Whether you write classic rock, blues-based rock, or modern rock, Drum Werks IX is an extremely focused and comprehensive collection of tasty acoustic grooves.

Available in 16, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS (AIFF), and REX2 drum loop formats.

Preview and purchase Drum Werks IX:Power Rock drum loops…

What can you do with the rock drums found in this loop library? Have a listen!

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