Double Bass Mania II… wreaking havoc from the very beginning!

When we released Double Bass Mania way back in 2004, nothing of its kind existed. Literally, there was nothing out there that was for metal songwriters and guitarists in terms of loop-based songwriting tools. If we remember correctly, this way before anything like Superior Drummer or the like was even around.

Well, it kicked ass then and it still holds up today as just solid, classic metal.

This song, written and performed by Michael Williams, is great, an oldie but goodie found on YouTube. We believe it was one of the first appearances of the loops off of Double Bass Mania II to be found out in the wild!

Have a look and a listen. It’s a great heavy riff and an interesting video to boot:

Song/Video Details:

Witchcraft in B minor
Michael Williams
Uploaded on Mar 21, 2008

Witchcraft in B minor 2th guitar track created with:

-Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania II metal loops
-Ibanez RG7420
-TonePort UX1
-Yamaha 5 string Bass
-Cool Edit (yes from some years ago)