The Return of the Beast! Introducing Double Bass Mania II Double Bass Mania II Product Image

The response to Double Bass Mania I was always enthusiastic. Metalheads always asked for more and more of the heavy stuff since there was no one else doing anything remotely metal in terms of drum loops. A lot of the “other” companies tried to call their stuff metal, but you can’t fool anyone with some of the fluff out there being touted as metal.

With that in mind, the beast has returned! Double Bass Mania II is pure power with 800 pounding loops, running the gamut from classic metal sixteenth-note runs to modern syncopated double bass runs to the truly insane fast stuff (try 280 BPM and then some).

In a world of pretenders, these are the real deal.

Preview, listen, and get your hands on the metal drum loops and samples on Double Bass Mania II today.